August 29, 2022 to September 3, 2022
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone
Group photo is available at the bottom of the overview page.

Observation night

iSpec: download or native install

The VM file will work with VirtualBox. Certain functionality (USB support, drag&drop) may not work. This may make file transfer a bit cumbersome (go via a web service).

The Python3 version of the code should install if your Python installation fulfills the following dependencies:

  • astropy==4.3.1
  • Cython==0.29.32
  • dill==0.3.4
  • lockfile==0.12.2
  • matplotlib==3.5.2
  • numpy==1.21.5
  • pandas==1.3.5
  • pudb==2022.1.2
  • python_dateutil==2.8.2
  • scipy==1.8.0
  • statsmodels==0.13.2