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Lecture Hall (PIK Potsdam)

Lecture Hall

PIK Potsdam

Telegrafenberg 14473 Potsdam GERMANY
Christof Kusebauch

Some of the largest research efforts in Iceland in the recent years is related to geothermal resources in Northern Iceland with a connection to the Krafla Magma Testbed (KMT: KMT objective is to build an in-situ magma observatory with focus on Hazards and Energy, which is consistent with POF IV Topics 3 and 8. One of the first steps is to drill into the Krafla caldera and reach magma (its position at 2.2 km depth is known from a first drilling in 2009) in order to set up a borehole where experiments can be carried out, and which could be monitored at the surface. This gives large opportunities for the GFZ research activities.

For that reason, we decided to organize a workshop to exchange ideas and gather a series of talks and discussions with KMT key persons and all GFZ staff who would like to contribute, listen and discuss.

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  • Christian Meeßen
  • Christof Kusebauch
  • Egbert Jolie
  • Gabriel Girela Arjona
  • Jeff Tester
  • Johannes Hart
  • Katrin Kieling
  • Lotte Krawczyk
  • Martin Hammitzsch
  • Martin Peter Lipus
  • Owen McCluskey
  • Paolo Papale
  • Philippe Jousset
  • Rüdiger Giese
  • Sandeep Karmacharya
  • Sven Fuchs
  • Thomas Wiersberg
  • Torsten Dahm
  • Yulia Gruzdeva