Apr 1 – 4, 2022
Video Conference: https://gather.town/app/6MD2QpxwnwQairtX/Workshop
Europe/Berlin timezone

General Information

Language English
Cost Free of charge
Level Beginner
Registration Period 2022-03-23 to 2022-03-27






To register, please log in via Helmholtz AAI. (More info on AAI and step-by-step instructions).

Once you have registered, you should receive a confirmation e-mail.

If you receive no such e-mail (and it is not in the spam folder) please contact the organizer.

Workshop Content

This workshop is conceptualized as a two-day event that covers the basic tools required for a research software workflow:

  • Day 1:
    • Working with a command-line interface (Shell) as a foundation for the following tools
    • Employing Git as version control system (VCS) for managing changes while working with files
  • Day 2:
    • Introduction to project management with the GitLab web-platform


Participants are asked to make sure they have the necessary rights to install software on their computers.

Installing the Required Tools

For this workshop two tools are required:

  • A Unix-compatible command-line interface (Shell for short)
  • The git tool

You can find detailed installation instructions for each of these tools here.

Setting up a SSH-Key pair

These are required to interact with GitLab from your local machine. You can refer to the GitLab documentation for instructions. Due to different center policies, we strongly recommend to ask your local IT support for help if you are unsure.

You do not need to add the keys to GitLab, we will do this during the workshop.

Video Conference: https://gather.town/app/6MD2QpxwnwQairtX/Workshop