June 14, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

This is the second meeting of the HIFIS Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).


  • Main Video Link. (removed)
    • Optimally use Chrome or Chromium. Other browsers work as well, however often with reduced quality.
    • Alternative Link.
    • You can also join via phone.
  • Dashboard and Minutes to stay updated during the event.
    • Keep this open in a separate window during the meeting. Updates and Minutes will appear here.
    • Links to "Open Rooms" will be provided during the meeting.
  • Check Timetable for materials and presentations.
  • Open VC Rooms will be provided throughout the meeting and 2h afterwards.
  • In case of problems, please contact us.


  • Please mute yourself when not speaking
  • Please turn off your video unless speaking (or we are doing a group photo)
  • If you want to talk or quickly raise a remark, please indicate via VC chat