Helmholtz School for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (HeSIE)

What is a Business Model? About the Business Model Canvas and Business Model Patterns

by Klaus G. Kammermeier (Trainer, Mentor, and Founder of InnovationLabs.Berlin)




Our webinar will focus on exploring various business models and how they can be applied to different types of businesses. We will introduce the Business Model Canvas, a visual tool that provides a framework for designing and analyzing business models, with nine key elements including value proposition, customer segments, and revenue streams. Together, we will discuss various examples of successful business model patterns and provide insights on how to create a sustainable and profitable business model. Attendees will learn about the importance of understanding their target audience, creating a unique value proposition, and using effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

Target audience: 

PhDs and Postdocs across the Helmholtz Association. This webinar may also be of interest for Helmholtz transfer and talent management offices (e.g. TTOs, Career Development Center and Graduate Schools), or Spin-off teams who are already pursuing a business idea. 


Participants will have a better understanding of business models and their core components. They will be equipped with tools and knowledge to build a business model in early phases of a venture. Participants will also be able to assess their current business model, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions on how to pivot or expand their business. Ultimately, the goal is to help participants create a successful business model that delivers value to their customers and generates revenue for their business.

Organized by

Helmholtz Head Office, Department for Transfer and Innovation