by Mr Falko Junge (Geschäftsführer WEFORM Consulting GmbH) , Mr Lutz Junge (Geschäftsführer innodock GmbH)




Note that this event takes place on two non-consecutive days (2 June and 28 June). You only need to register once down below to participate on both days.


We help you to systematically map product and business ideas in the shortest possible time and to evaluate the opportunities, risks and business potential. 

In the first workshop you will map your ideas in the 'Business Innovation Canvas' and identify potential target markets and target customers. You will identify the Riskiest Assumptions to Test (RATs) for your product and business idea and plan the validation of these assumptions. 

In a 3 week team sprint, you validate these riskiest assumptions in discussions with potential users, customers and experts. 

In the second workshop, you will further develop and enhance  your idea based on the learnings from the team sprint and estimate the business potential. Then you pitch your idea to the other teams and get direct feedback from the teams and us, as experienced business designers. This allows you to make a well-founded decision as to whether and how you would like to pursue your idea further.

Target audience: 

The 'Innovation Shape Day - Program' supports spin-off teams to systematically map and review their product and business ideas in a first step. The program is also well suited for PhDs and postdocs who want to test an innovation idea for its business potential at a very early stage.


In a very short time you systematically map your idea, identify the most critical assumptions and validate them with pot. users, customers and experts. We reduce your innovation risk by supporting you in systematically testing your ideas right from the start and focusing on the key success factors. You will gain lots of valuable feedback to your idea. This allows you to quickly create a sound basis for deciding whether and how you want to pursue the idea.



Organized by

Helmholtz Head Office, Department Transfer and Innovation