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Jun 16 – 17, 2022
GFZ Potsdam
Europe/Berlin timezone

The North German Basin (NGB) underlies the southernmost North Sea and Baltic Sea as well as most of Northern Germany (including Kiel and Potsdam). It contains many sedimentary formations of interest for i) geothermal energy systems (including heat/cold storage); ii) sub-surface storage of nuclear waste, CO2 and H2; and iii) Europe’s largest Cu deposits.

The T8 Workshop “Georesources beneath our feet” will bring together researchers working on these different aspects of the NGB. The major aim of the workshop is to learn about NGB related research activities (recently finished, currently running, planned) of T8 scientists in GFZ, Geomar and UFZ; discuss the potential for future collaboration; and make use of existing expertise, data and models.

Corona Info: Please wear FFP2 masks when moving in House H. We kindly ask you to self-test before the workshop and do not participate if you feel any Covid Symptoms.

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GFZ Potsdam
House H
Registration for this event is currently open.