Introduction to OOP in PythonOnline

Fredo Erxleben (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf), HIFIS Noreply Bot (Functional Account)

General Information

Language English
Level Intermediate
Cost Free




Important Note: This is the first installment of this workshop. Bugs and hick-ups are to be expected. Bring some popcorn… :)


This course will give a hands-on introduction to the concept of Object-Oriented Programming, a popular and powerful approach to problem solving by describing the involved components and their interactions.

We will introduce the involved concepts from the very beginning using Python as our language of choice.

Required Tools/Knowledge

  • A basic knowledge of the Python language (variables, functions, loops, conditions)
  • A working Python setup (The instructors will use Thonny for the workshop but you can bring whatever suits you)


To register for the course, please log in via the Helmholtz AAI (Step-by-step Instructions). If you do not have an account yet, the AAI will guide you through the setup process.

Registration period: 2022-05-09 to 2022-05-15

    • Day 1: Block 1
      • 1
        Day 1: Getting started
      • 2

        Get to know the fundamental building block for OOP

      • 3

        Why describe one object, if you can describe them all at once?

    • 10:30 AM
    • Day 1: Block 2
      • 4

        A function's big sibling.

      • 5
        Exercise: Objects, Classes, Methods

        The first bigger practical exercise to apply what you have learned so far

    • Day 2: Block 1
      • 6
        Day 2: Warm up
      • 7

        How to glue classes together.

      • 8
        Class Attributes and -Methods

        Because sharing is caring

    • 10:30 AM
    • Day 2: Block 2
      • 9

        Never implement the same stuff twice.

      • 10