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Jun 1 – 2, 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

On June 1-2, we will have our first HiRSE_PS live meeting, at Burg Obbendorf, live, in person!

With the HiRSE_PS project up and running, first infrastructure established and first discussions ongoing, it is now time to finally meet in person and talk in detail about what the CSI groups are interested in, what problems and roadblocks we share and what solutions we may already have.

In the first live meeting at Burg Obbendorf, we will first learn more about the codes and CSI groups. Facts and current states concerning RSE will be shared and then the floor is open for discussions, individually and in groups. In a World Café style, code developers and RSE specialists can discuss open questions, possible solutions and plans freely, but in an organized manner. The results of these discussions will be used to come up with focus topics for the second day, where, ideally, first steps are taken to improve aspects of the participating codes such as, e.g., a website, a licence, better documentation tools, first steps with Cx, community management and so on.

The goal of this meeting is not to show off awesome results the codes can or did produce, but to take the time and focus on software engineering aspects of the codes we nourish and cherish. This is what this meeting will be about, this is what HiRSE_PS is about.

Burg Obbendorf, 52382 Niederzier
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