Jun 23 – 24, 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

The NEST Initiative is excited to invite everyone interested in Neural Simulation Technology and the NEST Simulator to the virtual NEST Conference 2022. The NEST Conference provides an opportunity for the NEST Community to meet, exchange success stories, swap advice, learn about current developments in and around NEST spiking network simulation and its application. We particularly encourage young scientists to participate in the conference!

The virtual NEST Conference 2022

The NEST Conference 2022 will again be held as a virtual event on

Thursday/Friday 23/24 June


Registration and Call for Contributions is closed.




Ján Antolík - Simulation of optogenetic based visual prosthetic stimulation in V1

Anton Arkhipov - Bio-realistic models of cortical circuits as a freely shared platform for discovery

Benedetta Gambosi - A spiking neural network control system for the investigation of sensori-motor protocols in neurorobotic simulations.

Julian Göltz & Laura Kriener - Fast and energy-efficient neuromorphic deep learning with first-spike times

Anna Levina - Balance and adaptation in neuronal systems


Sacha J. van Albada - Unified Descriptions and Depictions of Network Connectivity

Alberto Antonietti - Brain-inspired spiking neural network controller for a neurorobotic whisker system

Dennis Terhorst - Connecting NEST

Gianmarco Tiddia -  MPI parallel simulation of a multi-area spiking network model using NEST GPU

Guido Trensch - A Neuromorphic Compute Node Architecture for Reproducible Hyper-Real-Time Simulations of Spiking Neural Networks

Barna Zajzon - Signal denoising through topographic modularity of neural circuits


Jasper Albers - beNNch – Finding Performance Bottlenecks of Neuronal Network Simulators

Mohamed Ayssar Benelhedi - Fully automated model generation in PyNEST

Han-Jia Jiang - Modeling spiking networks with neuron-glia interactions in NEST

Sepehr Mahmoudian - Neurobiologically-constrained neural network implementation of cognitive function processing in NEST – the MatCo12 model

Jessica Mitchell - New ways into NEST user documentation

Sebastian Spreizer - NEST Desktop: Explore new frontiers

Leonardo Tonielli - Incremental Awake-NREM-REM Learning Cycles: Cognitive and Energetic Effects in a Multi-area Thalamo-Cortical Spiking Model

Jose Villamar - NEST is on the road to GPU integration


Sebastian Spreizer - NEST Desktop: A “Let’s Play Together” for neuroscience