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Method Spotlight: Pipelines and Workflows

312/7 (HZDR/zoom)




We are happy to have Johannes Köster from University of Duisburg-Essen. We asked Johannes to share some of his experience and insights automating pipelines and workflows.

The presentation will be available via zoom due to Covid19 hygenic regulations at our center.
Please register for the event to retrieve the zoom call details.

We also offer four blocks to meet the speaker for 30 minutes. Use this chance to discuss your specific data and goals with Johannes. The slots are provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

    • 14:00 14:45
      Pipelines and Workflows 45m

      Data analyses usually entail the application of a combination of command line tools, scripts and notebooks to transform, filter, aggregate or plot data and results. In order to ensure sustained value for data analysis authors and the scientific community, an analysis has to be reproducible (for checking its technical validity), transparent (for checking its methodological validity), and adaptable (to enable future reuse).
      With over 1,000 citations and over 300,000 downloads, Snakemake is one of the most popular workflow management systems.
      This talk will present how Snakemake can be used to easily ensure above properties while minimising boilerplate code, maximising human readability, and ensuring efficient execution on any major computing platform.

      Speaker: Johannes Kößter
    • 14:45 15:00
      Q & A 15m
    • 15:00 17:00
      Booked Participants only: Meet the Speaker
      • 15:00
        Block 1 30m
      • 15:30
        Block 2 30m
      • 16:00
        Block 3 30m
      • 16:30
        Block 4 30m