Method Spotlight: Tracking Objects in Images

312/7 (HZDR/zoom)




We are happy to have Robert Haase from the Physics of Life cluster of excellence at TU Dresden. We asked Robert to share some of his experience tracking objects in (light) microscopy data.

The presentation will be available via zoom due to Covid19 hygenic regulations at our center.
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We also offer 4 blocks to meet the speaker. Use this chance to discuss your specific data and goals with Robert.

    • 2:00 PM 2:45 PM
      Tracking Objects in Images 45m

      Cell tracking is a task we do frequently in the life sciences, e.g. to understand how organisms form. A commonly used software for this task is TrackMate. TrackMate makes cell tracking easily accessible to end users without the need to program custom scripts or anything. It allows quantitative analysis of tracked cells over time and fine tuning of tracking results based on that quantitative analysis. The 2021 update of TrackMate brings new features the community was waiting for: Cell size and shape can be analysed in the new version, segmentation overlap based linking is available and it also supports a variety of deep learning based algorithms for cell segmentation published in the recent years. We will dive into tracking basic and how to use TrackMate. Afterwards, we will explore the capabilities of the recently published update.

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      Q & A 15m
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