December 6, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Machine Learning (ML) has been taken up as a method to support science across many disciplines at an unprecedented speed in the last years. At HZDR, we have multiple groups that employ ML in a variety of applications and at the same time observe groups with large resources of data aspiring to use ML.


This symposium is motivated to bring together practitioners, experts and novices in order to foster a community of ML users, developers/engineers and data scientists at the center. We hope to serve three goals with this workshop:

  • provide a platform to show or discuss ongoing activities
  • create opportunity for matchmaking between data consumers and data donors
  • identify common solutions and common challenges


The workshop will be split into two kinds of sessions:

  • overview sessions where established groups can seize the chance to report their current ML activities or
  • parallel sessions for which we invite both experts, novices and students to report on their current ML related efforts.
    We explicitly welcome
     HZDR members which seek feedback on their data challenges and who would like to learn which ML tools are available for their support.

In order to accommodate any circumstances at their location of work for participants and speakers alike, all speakers in parallel sessions are asked to pre-record videos of their contributions. The link to the videos will be shared among all registered participants prior to the workshop. 


Given the current COVID19 incidence levels, this workshop will be held completely online. We ask all interested parties to register for the event, so distribution of information is easier. Only registered participants will receive information on video conferencing details.

To register, please use the Registration form available in the event menu on the left. Registration is possible until Dec 3, 2021. 




There are three types of contributions which we invite fellow HZDR members to submit:

  • overview talks that discuss past/ongoing/future machine learning activities of a group/department/institute, 
  • spotlight talks to focus on one specific application of machine learning, 
  • open data challenges that present open/unsolved scientific challenges that presenters wish to addressed with ML and have data for

Please use the call for abstracts tab on the left to sign up for a contribution until Nov 19, 2021. Call for Abstracts was closed.