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November 25, 2021 to December 9, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone
HPC Computing | GPU Usage | Pytorch

HIP Winter SchoolThe Helmholtz Imaging Platform invites young researchers from all Helmholtz Centers for the 2021 (virtual) HIP Winter School. This year’s Winter School is focused on introductions to three crucial IT related topics for imaging: HPC computing (25.11.2021), GPU usage (02.12.2021) and Pytorch (09.12.2021). After the an initial registration period exclusively for members of the HIP projects, a small contingent of places will be available for all to apply (places will be as equally as possible be distributed between the centers).

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Introduction to HPC computing (25.11.2021) – Lokamani Lokamani et al. HZDR

High-performance Computing (HPC) clusters are used for large scale data processing and data analysis, fine grained parallel calculations and simulations of ever increasing fidelity. The course material is meant to introduce learners to the core principles behind the using a HPC cluster, how to connect to it, how to dispatch jobs and retrieve their results, and how to program applications that can harness the full power of this machinery.

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Introduction to GPU usage (02.12.2021) – Guido Juckeland et al. HZDR

Graphic processing units (GPUs) have a natural affinity to imaging related topics as they are specialized processors for generating computer images. This day will cover how to use GPUs for general purpose computing tasks, which includes memory handling, writing GPU code (kernels) and some performance considerations. The goal is to enable you to also understand GPU error messages from frameworks like Pytorch that abstract GPU usage. The training will use CUDA for the hands on part, but always provide the equivalent syntax for OpenCL, OpenMP, OpenACC.

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Introduction Pytorch (09.12.2021) – Peter Steinbach, Steve Schmerler et al. HZDR/Helmholtz AI

We give an introduction to PyTorch, one of the most widely used Python-based neural network packages. We'll cover model creation, training and testing as well as give pointers to under-the-hood techniques such as automatic differentiation.

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Prerequisites: If you have already written small programs with a language of your choice and know the difference between a “variable” and a “function” and obtain a minimal knowledge of using the UNIX command line, you are good to go. Basic knowledge of Python is recommended. For the PyTorch part, knowledge of the Python programming language, ideally also the numpy package and basic neural network theory will be helpful.


How to apply?

For the application process we (ab)use the abstract submission system. To apply for the HIP Winter School 2021 click on "Call for abstracts" and fill in the form. There are a few questions regarding your motivation, prior knowledge and the setup of your system to make sure that you can follow the tutorials. You can apply until 20th Oct. 2021. We will notify until 26th Oct if your application was successful.