Apr 17 – 18, 2023 In-Person Event
Europe/Berlin timezone

This meeting is planned to inform the community in Germany about PLATO and to establish a platform to get to know each other and exchange plans for future preparatory and science exploitation of PLATO data. 

DLR, Institut für Planetenforschung Rutherfordstr. 2 12489 Berlin
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In only few years from now (end 2026), ESA´s M3 mission PLATO will be launched to discover and characterize extrasolar planets for their radii, masses and ages, as well as to study a very large set of stars using asteroseismology.

As the launch date gets closer, scientists active at research institutions in Germany may like to take part in future PLATO activities, either as a consortium member, via the analysis of public data, or participating to complementary science projects.

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