Helmholtz Imaging Project Call 2022 Information meeting



Sara Krause-Solberg (HIP Helmholtz Imaging Platform, DESY), Knut Sander (Helmholtz Imaging)

Virtual information event to accompany the project call.

In connection with the Project Call 2022, Helmholtz Imaging offers this information event. During this event you have the opportunity to get information on the call, to get in touch with the Helmholtz Imaging experts and services and to meet with potential project partners.

This event is open to all persons working at Helmholtz Centers interested in the Helmholtz Imaging Project Call 2022.

Access via

Meeting-ID: 827 3262 0681
Code: 838897

Sara Krause-Solberg Scientific Coordinator
    • 1
      Welcome & Introduction to Helmholtz Imaging
      Speaker: Dr Sara Krause-Solberg (HIP Helmholtz Imaging Platform, DESY)
    • 2
      Welcome note Helmholtz Head Office
      Speaker: Florian Grötsch (Helmholtz Association)
    • 3
      Helmholtz Imaging Project Call 2021
      Speaker: Knut Sander (Helmholtz Imaging)
    • 4
      Q&A, Discussion
    • 5
      Networking, Matchmaking