Docker beyond the hype – a practical introduction


In 1804 the should-be famous engineer Richard Trevithick invented something to connect us all – the very first steam locomotive, a train. While being a huge success at the time, little did he know that he was laying the foundation of a much bigger phenomenon: I am, of course, talking about the hype train. But while back then the train was used to connect people, this train is – and with rising COVID numbers, this aspect is probably more important than ever – all about isolation.

In this workshop, we are going to put both of these aspects together: we will discuss the hype around Docker that appeared over the past years and why its isolation features are so important to its success.

With practical exercises and some sprinkles of theoretical background you will develop an understanding of how Docker (and container engines in general) works, what it is used for and how you can take advantage of it. You will learn how to use the Docker tools to run and manage containers, or release your own software to the public. Then, if time permits, we will deep-dive into higher-level tools to orchestrate collections of containers across the boundaries of a single physical machine.

So, if that sounds interesting to you, hop on the hype train or it will leave the station without you! All aboard!

Please note: This event is primarily for HIDSS4Health doctoral researchers.