Imaging - From Organisms to Molecules



Axel Schumacher (KIT), Ines Reinartz (KIT), Sara Krause-Solberg (HIP Helmholtz Imaging Platform, DESY), Sikha Ray (KIT), Thorsten Auth (Forschungszentrum Jülich)


Imaging - From organisms to molecules

Lecture series on Imaging Methods and Applications in Life Sciences and Soft Matter

The application areas of imaging in life sciences and soft matter are almost inexhaustible in number. Highly specialized techniques and methods have thus been developed over time for imaging and analyzing a wide variety of samples, giving us unique insights into their structures at all scales.

Over the course of this lecture series, data scientists and domain scientists will introduce you to a great number of imaging techniques. Starting with techniques for the study of organisms (X-ray imaging, CT, PET, ...), we address techniques that allow for increasingly fine resolution. Continuing with optical coherence tomography and a variety of microscopy techniques (fluorescence microscopy, LSM, ...) for analysis on the level of cell size, we complete the series of talks with electron microscopy to image structures in the single-digit nanometer range. The speakers will highlight both physical aspects of imaging as well as user-specific issues and topics of data analysis.

This lecture series is held by PIs of the organizing schools and Helmholtz Imaging. The course consists of lecture-style elements and interactive discussions. It covers different imaging techniques that are widely applied in life sciences and soft matter. For an in-depth understanding of the subject, we recommend attending all lectures. Some lectures build on each other, but are self-contained in general. Registration is mandatory for participation. Places are limited and in the case of overbooking, priority will be given to fellows (members) of the three schools. Participants demonstrating and attendance of more than 75% attendance, you can receive a certificate of participation.

Dates: Thursdays, 14-15:30.

Information on the dates, speakers and lecture titles can be found below.

Organization & Registration

The lecture series is offered online. It takes place (more or less) bi-weekly. Registration is required, a registration link can be requested via mail to

Workshop on Image Analysis

Following the lecture series, there will be a short workshop on image processing to complement the theoretical and methodological content of the lectures. An image viewer software will be presented that allows a lot of plugins which facilitate scientific image analysis. The focus will be on hand-ons and practical exercises.

The exact date, content and registration link for the workshop will be announced in the lecture.

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