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On Thursday, 07 April 2022, the Food for Thought (FFT) seminar series will have three presenters from the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Ridvan Kuzu, Helmholtz AI consultant @ DLR, will talk about Improving the robustness of infrared image segmentation via self-supervised learning.

Yi Wang, PhD Student, Helmholtz AI young investigator group (YIG) @ DLR, will give insights into Self-supervised learning in Earth observation (SSL4EO).

Chenying Liu, PhD Student, Helmholtz AI YIG @ DLR, will talk about Auto-generated labels for remote sensing (AutoGeo).

Andrés Camero Unzueta, Head of the Helmholtz AI consultant team @ DLR, will chair the session.

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The Helmholtz AI FFT (food for thought) seminar series aims to facilitate knowledge exchange within the Helmholtz AI community (researchers and consultants) and the formation of topic-related interest groups within Helmholtz AI.

The seminars take place the first Thursday of each month, from 11:00 to 12:00, and consist of a 15-min talk from each speaker + 5-min Q&A dedicated to each speaker (facilitated via hackmd).

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