March 8, 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

This free-of-charge course will go through a step-by-step introduction to the use of pytorch for machine learning. Specifically, we will discuss the use of the pytorch library for the training of a image classification task. We hope that this way, learners can apprehend pytorch and extrapolate to other use cases.


The course itself is planned in a code-along style and fully virtual. Please prepare to have:

  • a screen to see what the trainer types
  • a second screen to type along
  • a working microphone
  • a working speaker or headphone
  • a working python environment running pytorch 1.8 or later

Moreover, we expect that participants have experience running machine learning training on a provided dataset e.g. for using a multi-layer perceptron or a convolutional neural network. This is not an introductory course to machine learning. We will focus mostly on the use of the pytorch library.