Spring '22 Helmholtz AI Consultants Hackathon Retreat



Zinzendorfplatz 3, 99192 Neudietendorf

This year's spring consultants retreat will be a hackathon event at Zinzendorfhaus in Erfurt.

The event will be a hybrid event: with both virtual and in-person attendance.

Registration information

As this is a hybrid event, please indicate in the registration form whether you intend to attend in-person or virtually.

Registration deadline is midnight (CET) 21/02/2022.

If you already know that you will not be able or allowed to travel on the retreat dates please select virtual attendance.

If it turns out that you cannot travel because of restrictions that were unknown to you at the time of registration and would like to switch to virtual attendance, please contact us.

Project pitches

This retreat will focus on fostering collaborative projects. Participants will have the chance to submit their project pitch ideas during the call for abstracts. Stay tuned!

Corona regulations

This will be a 2G event: attendees must show vaccination/ recovery status.

We will also require attendees to self-test before the beginning of the workshop each day, and we will provide some tests at the event location.

We will also need to keep distance between us during the meeting and wear masks.

  • Alexander Ruettgers
  • Alexandre Strube
  • Alina Bazarova
  • Andrey Vlasenko
  • Arvid Weyrauch
  • Caroline Arnold
  • Christina Bukas
  • Daniel Coquelin
  • Danu Caus
  • Donatella Cea
  • Elisabeth Georgii
  • Erinc Merdivan
  • Florian Kofler
  • Gerome Vivar
  • Harsh Grover
  • Harshavardhan Subramanian
  • Helena Pelin
  • Helene Hoffmann
  • Ilhem Isra Mekki
  • James Kahn
  • Jan Ebert
  • Jongseok Lee
  • Kai Konen
  • Lichao Mou
  • Mahnoor Tanveer
  • Mahyar Valizadeh
  • Marie Piraud
  • Marie Weiel
  • Markus Götz
  • Oliver Bensch
  • Ridvan Salih Kuzu
  • Roshni Kamath
  • Sabrina Narimene Benassaou
  • Sebastian Starke
  • Sivasurya Santhanam
  • Stefan Kesselheim
  • Tobias Weigel
  • Wei Yao
    • In-person Track: Arrival at venue and lunch
    • In-person Track: Welcome and getting all together
    • Virtual Track: Welcome and ice-breakers
    • All (Hybrid): Kick-off
    • Hybrid Projects: First session
    • In-person projects: First session
    • Virtual Projects: First session
    • In-person Track: Tuesday dinner at Zinzendorfhaus
    • In-person Track: Networking around fire (or work in groups)
    • In-person Track: Morning Scrum
    • Virtual Track: Morning Scrum
    • Hybrid Projects: Wednesday morning session
    • In-person projects: Wednesday morning session
    • Virtual Projects: Wednesday morning session
    • In-person Track: Lunch
    • All (Hybrid): Updates
    • Hybrid Projects: Wednesday afternoon session
    • In-person projects: Wednesday afternoon session
    • Virtual Projects: Wednesday afternoon session
    • In-person Track: Transfer to Erfurt
    • In-person Track: Dinner at Kromers restaurant
    • In-person Track: Morning scrum
    • Virtual Track: Morning scrum
    • Hybrid Projects: Thursday session
    • In-person projects: Thursday session
    • Virtual Projects: Thursday session
    • All (Hybrid): Project restitutions and wrap-up
    • In-person Track: Lunch and leave