Open Office for Feedback on HIFIS


Annette Spicker (HZB), Uwe Jandt (DESY), Uwe Konrad (HZDR)

Feedback Session to HIFIS, Proposals for Future Development

In September 2022, the Helmholtz Federated IT Services Platform (HIFIS, will undergo a review, following its 3,5 year initial phase. In preparation for this, we‘d like to ask you as a major Helmholtz stakeholder and collect your valuable opinions and suggestions on past, present and especially possible future developments of HIFIS in general and in the context of your community.

We distributed a brief questionnaire to numerous stakeholders. You are free to distribute further to anyone who might be interested. You are invited to drop-off your feedback here.

You are further invited to join our open feedback meeting on March 01 2022 13-15:00.

If you are interested, please register to receive further information in time.

More information will follow!

Thank you all very much in advance. Your feedback will help us define feasible proposals for the future developments of HIFIS.