HIFIS Meeting October 2020

Post-Meeting Update

General Info


Conference Rooms (free to use until Thu 13:00)

Technical Manager for conference rooms: Tim

Topic VC/phone Chair Notes/Minutes Board(s) Participants
How to promote HIFIS Services VC–A Fredo Notes–A Board–A -
Sync&Share - GlobalScale VC–B Matthias Notes–B Board–B -
Federated OpenStack - Future IaaS landscape VC–C Janne Notes–C Board–C -
User-oriented Cloud Portfolio VC–D Annette, Laura Notes–D Board–D, pptx–D -
Addressing IT knowledge gaps VC–E Uwe Notes–E Board–E, pptx–E -
Reserve VC–F -

Shared Notes

Here we share general notes during the meeting. Additional minutes may be added afterwards.
Chair: Uwe; Notetakers: Andreas, Laura

Day 1

Overview of AAI in Helmholtz

Helmholtz Cloud Service Selection Process + Integration

Day 2

HIFIS Transfer Service: FTS for everyone

Software Services: Consulting and Technology Services

Roadmap of Technical Platform

General / Wrap-up