H^3 Helmholtz Herbst Hackathon

Gummersbach, Germany

Gummersbach, Germany


sponsored by Digital Earth https://www.digitalearth-hgf.de/de

in cooperation with
Helmholtz Information & Data Science Schools (HIDSS)
Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA) https://www.helmholtz-hida.de/
Jülich Challenges https://data-challenges.fz-juelich.de/ &
Jülich's Helmholtz AI consultant team

Call for Applications

We are delighted to invite young researchers across the Helmholtz Association to apply for Helmholtz Herbst Hackathon 2021 starting September 8 to 12 2021, in Gummersbach. The event is scheduled for 4 days as an on-site in person event.

We encourage Master’s Students, Doctoral Researchers & Postdocs interested in Machine Learning (ML) to apply. The hackathon offers a great opportunity to get to know ML researchers from different research domains, Helmholtz centers, and partner institutions, their research questions and ML methods. In preparation to the hackathon an introduction on running ML models on Jülich Supercomputers will be provided.

Taking part can be a great first step in bringing your favorite research topic to the fastest computer in Europe and allows you to contribute your ML expertise to other domains and applications.

The event includes

  • a keynote by Ira Assent on “Data Science - concepts and methods to learn in a digital world”
  • a keynote by Ribana Roscher on “Generative Models for Smart Agriculture”
  • an introduction of the platform Jülich Challenges
  • an introduction to running ML models on Jülich’s’ HPC systems
  • compute resources through HAICORE

As a participant you will

  • pick a challenge you'd like to work on
  • form teams for collaborative coding, ideally mixed between different research domains and Helmholtz centers or partner institutions, to provide a solution to the challenge
  • submit your solution to top the leaderboard
  • present your own research project in a poster

There will be contact persons for the data sets as well as mentors to assist you and your team with ML and HPC related questions throughout the event. At the end of the event we will hopefully have models that solve our challenges up to a certain performance measure and maybe outperform best submissions so far. Participants can profit from increased visibility in the fields of ML and AI – across domains and within the ML communities.

If you are interested, please have a look on already implemented challenges at the Jülich Challenges Platform.

Before you apply

This event aims at ML researchers or ML users, looking for interesting data to work on. We expect to attract researchers experienced in ML methods, python and common ML and DL packages, to work with unique data sets, scientific questions and to its end come up with solutions for the challenges.

Applications will be reviewed and selection will be based on your skills and motivation as described in the registration. The organization team aims to form a group consisting of young and highly motivated researchers from as many research centers and research fields as possible.


Fees for accommodation, catering, travel expenses are sponsored by Digital Earth. Other resources needed to host this Hackathon are sponsored by Helmholtz AI Consultant Team FZJ & Jülich Challenges.


Application Deadline: 31.07.2021

The registration is binding. Please note that the number of participants is limited. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by August 6 at the latest.

When & Where

Arrival: Wed Sep 8 Afternoon, 2021, Departure: Sun Sep 12, 2021

Place: Wyndham Garden Gummersbach

Organizing Team: Daniela Henkel (Digital Earth), Stefan Kesselheim (FZJ), Enno Prigge (MarDATA), Ramona Kloß (HDS-LEE), Susanne Wenzel (FZJ), Sophie Ehrmanntraut (HIDA)



We will ask all applicants to provide:
First Name:
Last Name:
Motivation: Give us a short description of who you are, which ML methods you are familiar with and why you would like to participate in this event. (1000 characters min. / 1500 characters max.)

We recommend to prepare your motivation note first and then copy and paste it to the form.

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